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What a wonderful comprehensive site, well done Elke & Thomas.
Love you guys.
I shall be a very content happy shopper!!

Love, light & many blessings.
Amber Moon Reiki & Crystal Healing Practice & Esoteric Gift Shop

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Reiki Courses:

I have been teaching Usui Reiki since 2000, and while every Reiki course has been an exciting journey in its own right, there are a handful of students who stood out over the years by always going the extra mile in everything they do. Elké Ulber is one of those special students.

My journey as Elké’s Reiki teacher began in 2006, and it was immediately apparent that she was a serious student with an unusual instinct and gift for working with energy. Many new students are so overly enthusiastic that they want to learn everything right away, but this is an attitude which quickly sacrifices quality for the sake of quantity. Elké did not fall into the trap of rushing through the syllabus. Her respect for the work allowed her to focus on plenty of practise, thus improving the quality of her skills and helping her to gain a deep understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of Reiki. This characteristic is still evident in the time and dedication Elké puts into the Reiki courses she now teaches. Elké does not cut corners. She does things properly, and if that means taking a little more time with a student who needs it, she will do so without hesitation.

Since completing her Reiki Master/Teacher level in 2009, I have had the privilege of working with some of Elké’s own students. Her students’ thorough understanding of the Reiki energy illustrates just how well Elké’s dedication has paid off. Her students display not only an exceptional level of skill and understanding, but also the healthy respect and humility for their work which surely every Reiki Teacher should strive to pass on to their students.

As for Elké’s treatments (Reiki- and Crystal healing), I have been the lucky recipient of both healing modalities. Elké is a powerful healer, and the energy she shares during treatments will leave clients buzzing! Elké’s insight into the more subtle causes of energetic and physical imbalances is astounding, and she is quick to get to the root of a problem, thus effectively treating on a causal level from the outset.

Whether you are battling with a stubborn health problem or energy imbalance, or looking for a course that will set you up with a solid foundation on your path as a healer, look no further than Moonstone Energy Healing. Elké’s passion for the work she does continues to impress and amaze me, and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a healer and teacher.

~ Shanu van der Berg
Reiki Master/Teacher, Moonshadow Healing Studio, Swellendam.

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